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Welcome to MAIN-STREETS-U.S.A!

Today's Special

    WEBSITE-TO-GO! presents an EMBARC.ORG project site.

As is oft times the case, a good idea may actually be a great idea and quickly grow into a terrific idea 
before you realize what is happening. MAIN STREET USA has done just that in a few days, growing 
This new umbrella domain and trademark provides an infinite landscape for me to fill...

- Seal Beach

- Morro Bay

  800 West Main Street


- Cayucos

  800 East Main Street

  The Rock

- Los Osos

  Main Street Trees

  Baywood Park

  300 Harbor Street

  1100 Front Street

Thank you for accepting my invitation to visit!

You already may or may not know that I have been casually working on several projects designed to promote Morro Bay & her business'. Some of you have honored me by actually displaying my cartoons featuring your particular place of business. On a larger front, the EMBARC website is doing what no other website can.

It was designed from its inception TO INCLUDE EVERYONE.

When the city approves a "B.I.D." - business improvement district, it would be nice if they had you in mind wouldn't it? Well, they don't and it doesn't. It's only for the hotel owners. That's great if you own a hotel. But what about the rest of you up and down the main streets of this town? That's why I'm here. To brainstorm with you how you can have your own B.I.D. and anything else we can think of - to help each other out.

My experience in corporate identity, as well as licensing & merchandising is now available to you...


Why do I care?

Because I'm Batman.

What are you talking about?

Another of my original strips was based on local store fronts. It was very popular in the town we lived but we were on the move again before I could accomplish anything near to what I have done here in Morro Bay already.

CLIK to enlarge...

I can't believe it has been 10 years since I first began with this idea. But your embracing of my current work convinces me the format is as strong as ever. 

A similar scene went over v-e-r-y well not too long ago in the Cayucos Breeze:

Here's what I have been working on-

Some of you know that I have been carrying around sketches of Main Street for several months now. Some nice folks that claim to represent you did not want them to be finished - or for you to be in a position to take advantage of them. Forgive me for taking so long.

Just completed is the West side of the 800 block of Main Street:

CLIK to enlarge...

This panoramic street scene will eventually be painted and offered for sale as a fine art print and then incorporated into an all-new interactive online map!

One of our most popular website designs used cartoons for navigation, so we want to dust off that trophy and employ that technique again here:

^ CLIK on the screen shot above and try it yourself!

If I find support here from you -- I will turn around and begin on the East side of Main Street. From there I hope to continue throughout the City of Morro Bay.

Again - My ethic here is to not leave anyone out of the process.

For those of you visiting FROM the East side, thank you for your patience.

I had to start somewhere...

It's all about you!

The literal building blocks of the panorama are your individual store fronts:

CLIK to enlarge...

OK- Some of it's about me...

You know my wife Angela puts me in "time-out" for giving everything away. So I have to charge something for something.

I was happy to hear about your banding together as neighbors along Main Street to take the responsibility for promoting yourselves back into your own hands.

Is this something you could use? In future ads? Flyers? Letterheads? T-Shirts?

You tell me. And please - you put a value on it. I don't want to ask anyone to pay for anything they aren't interested in.

And if for any reason you do not want to be featured, I guess we can replace you with a vacant lot - or even completely reshuffle the block.

What I will do for those who think they can use this is provide 2 pieces of art; 2 high resolution computer files for you to use in promoting yourselves:

1. Your store front.

2. Your side of the street.

If you decide you can assist me down the road with displaying a book for sale or even the finished color print of this scene - that would be great.

Thanks again for looking.

And if you haven't gotten your FREE WEB PAGE yet over at EMBARC.ORG , ask some of your neighbors how they like theirs... and drop me a line.


I forgot to mention that now that I have all the background art completed, it is simple to customize the scene to suit your needs. Street Faire?  Car Show? How about just a crowd of visitors? I'm your huckleberry!

WARNING: You may already be in this cartoon... I know I am!

Here is that same scene again with the Street Faire/Crowd elements added...

Remember - CLIK to enlarge...

Can you start to see the potential?

Alright - East Side, you're up!

Put you all together and this is what we got:

CLIK to enlarge...

Let there be trees!

Like the individual buildings themselves - all trees are on separate layers and can be moved, scaled or made invisible depending on your preference.

Westside Trees ^

Eastside Trees ^

CLIK to enlarge Westside...

CLIK to enlarge Eastside...

Around the bend to Harbor Street

I promised the other tenants of the Gold Tree building on the corner of Main & Harbor that they would not be left out just because their front doors are around the corner. I will add your trees next!

CLIK to enlarge Southside...

CLIK to enlarge Northside...

Front Street

CLIK to enlarge Front Street...

The Embarcadero

This block is now under construction!

CLIK to enlarge The Embarcadero...

The Rock

This Sand Spit is now under construction!

CLIK to enlarge The Rock & Sand Spit...

Baywood Park

This block is now under construction!

Thank You For Looking!


Copyright 2000.

All Rights Reserved.

All characters and their respective likenesses are Copyrights and Trademarks of  FUNNY PAPERZ.






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