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Welcome to our bid for the new Sea Center at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History!

WEBSITE-TO-GO! is pleased to submit this competititve bid under PHASE 1 of the new Interactive Touch Screen Displays for the new Sea Center.

Today's Special

Welcome to the new

Sea Center at

Santa Barbara's

Museum of

Natural History

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Executive Summary:

WEBSITE-TO-GO! was formed in 1997 by principal Joe King when the bandwidth demands of his extensive online portfolios demanded the aquisition of an independent server.

Already online since the early nineties, Joe as an Art Director, Illustrator and Product Designer  -- the success of these websites generated many requests from professional friends and colleagues to provide commercial website solutions. Thus, was born -- and with it an ever growing list of clientelle in the e-commerce arena.

More a decade after first logging on, Joe continues to provide the personal attention and boutique touch that has set his work apart from the more mass-market, automated approach some entities have settled for.

The open-ended structure of his site design ensures that your own application will never become obsolete -- and should the need arise in the  future -- may be easily updated and maintained with the same economical ethic as when first uploaded.


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