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Welcome to our bid for the new Sea Center at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History!

WEBSITE-TO-GO! is pleased to submit this competititve bid under PHASE 1 of the new Interactive Touch Screen Displays for the new Sea Center.

Today's Special

Welcome to the new

Sea Center at

Santa Barbara's

Museum of

Natural History

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WEBSITE-TO-GO! is eminently qualified to be selected for this project. Here are only three examples:

1. Your displays are intended to both educate and entertain.

Joe has a 30-year reputation as an award winning designer in both Consumer Electronics and Marketing Promotions.

2. Many of your visitors will be either children/tourists or both.

He has over 100 childrens' books to his design credit. You are already commited to an outreach program for scientific literacy with your "wave on wheels" mobile museum.

So are we! After helping to distribute many thousands of books to needy children as part of Read Across America Day, we formed our own outreach program of Artist Visits under the new umbrella publishing entity WONDER-BOOKS. We even have our own fantasy vehicle . Read more about our success here.


CLIK on any of these original WEBSITE-TO-GO! designs to visit the actual site or demo for additional details.

Remember to CLIK on your own Museum Logo to return...


In addition to our Clients sites you have already visited, WEBSITE-TO-GO! has had a hand in sponsoring and designing other multi-media experiences combining animated illustration, text, music and sound effects. Here are two more examples to consider.

Remember to CLIK on your browser's BACK button to return...

Using your own storyboards as our inspiration, we would like to creatively suggest ...

CLIK to enlarge any picture...

... the use of high-key coloring & lighting as suggested by the following photographic examples and born out by the current theatrical phenomenon of "Finding Nemo."

 CLIK to enlarge any picture...

In addition to the above aesthetic contributions -- we can also add the sensation of actually touching the wet tidepool environments with a transparent subroutine as depicted with the photo on the right. Go ahead and move your mouse over the photo with the diver... Imagine a child tracing their fingers across your new touchscreens for the first time!!!


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