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Welcome to our bid for the new Sea Center at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History!

WEBSITE-TO-GO! is pleased to submit this competititve bid under PHASE 1 of the new Interactive Touch Screen Displays for the new Sea Center.

Today's Special

Welcome to the new

Sea Center at

Santa Barbara's

Museum of

Natural History

A Executive Sumary

B Qualifications - Clients - Samples

C Timeline

D Proposed Cost Schedule - Payment Details

E Terms & Conditions

F Bid Response Form


WEBSITE-TO-GO! works under the assumption that you are our only client. While we have already demonstrated that we have many sites under maintainence agreements -- we do not build multiple sites at once. We build our reputation one website at a time -- therefore, once we have an agreement in place -- we will not even begin looking for our next client until your site is complete.

That means you have our complete attention to every detail and at every level.

Upon acceptance of a financial budget and timeline we estimate the following milestones for development:

- Rough Sketchs (2 weeks)

- Final Art (+ 4 weeks)

- Generate all Photoshop Files/HTML files (+1 week)

Total Estimated Time needed for completion: 7-8 weeks


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