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Welcome to our bid for the new Sea Center at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History!

WEBSITE-TO-GO! is pleased to submit this competititve bid under PHASE 1 of the new Interactive Touch Screen Displays for the new Sea Center.

Today's Special

Welcome to the new

Sea Center at

Santa Barbara's

Museum of

Natural History

A Executive Sumary

B Qualifications - Clients - Samples

C Timeline

D Proposed Cost Schedule - Payment Details

E Terms & Conditions

F Bid Response Form

Proposed Cost Schedule:

WEBSITE-TO-GO! wants to earn your business! We also undestand that different business' capitalize their growth in different ways. The following example has worked out best for us in the past.

- 50% advance to commence design work.

- 25% installment upon approval of design work.

- 25% final balance due upon acceptance of final files.

Itemized Breakdown:

WEBSITE-TO-GO! makes this breakdown upon our understanding of your specifications.

It is based on a series of flat fees and discounts.

Please adjust up or down -- using this formula -- if actual needs change.

CLIK to enlarge flow chart

*** There is NO CHARGE for either Icon design or Video Interface screens.

1. Start Area Interface: $200

2. General Specie Grouping page: $200

3. 20 sets of individual specie @ $200/ea.

4a. 5 Subset pages @ $100/ea.

4b. 5 Subset pages (5 per specie) @ $100/ea.

Estimate A: $4,900

Estimate B: $14,400

Payment Details:

WEBSITE-TO-GO! operates as a Sole Proprietorship.

Payments may be made in check or Money Order to:

Joe King

POB #33

San Simeon, CA 93452


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